If your dog gets nervous or overwhelmed in public spaces, you might want to consider opting for a soft muzzle to comfort and reassure them.

Our dog muzzles are designed with your pup’s experience in mind - after all, they’re the ones wearing them! The design is flexible and secures gently around the nose and mouth. 

The soft material comes in a range of colours and is dynamic enough to ensure your pup can always breathe, pant, and drink freely. 

For additional products that go the extra mile to assist your four-legged friend, see our complete range of accessories.

If your pup is snap-happy, a dog muzzle is a perfect accessory for keeping them out of trouble.

All dogs are prone to nipping or chewing when they’re not supposed to; it’s part of their cheeky personalities! However, if you’re concerned about your doggy causing harm to themselves or others, it might be time to invest in a dog muzzle.

Muzzles are placed over a dog's snout to restrict its mouth movements. Doing so prevents them from biting or chewing and provides a sense of security for the owner.

Often these accessories are perceived as cruel or painful to the dog, but this doesn’t have to be the case. At Doodlebone®, we perform intense research to ensure that all our products are dog-friendly, comfortable and safe. 

Here we’ve used soft, breathable materials and combined them with a flexible, adjustable design, which means that when you’re using a Doodlebone® dog muzzle, you know your pooch is as comfortable as can be.

As always, we’ve given this accessory a splash of colour and a choice of patterns so your pup stays looking chic. Then, simply mix and match with your lead, collar or harness for a coherent, playful look. 

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About our sizes

We have adapted each product around the comfort of your doggies. Doodlebone have measured over 300 dogs, yes that right 300 dogs to make sure each of our products are available in sizes to fit all. From our in-depth measuring project, we have created a brand new numerical size chart available in sizes 1-11. I know it sounds different, but this is where Doodlebone Anatomy can help.