If you hope to give your pet a tail-wagging treat, you’re in the right place.

Browse our Doodlebone® dog accessories and pick a product for your special pooch. The snug faux fur and fleece blankets are exceptionally hardwearing, versatile and ideal for keeping at home or taking on adventures.

Our comfortable Muzzles are another fantastic option to add to your dog walking kit if you have an anxious or snap-happy dog.

For more dog-walking accessories, check out our entire range of Collars, Harnesses, Leads and even our biodegradable Eco Poop Bags

Explore Doodlebone®’s pawsome dog accessories!

Once you’ve got all of your essentials, it’s time to switch your attention to your dog’s accessories.

Here's a selection of items to give your pup comfort, reassurance and extra entertainment throughout the day.


Dogs love to snuggle up in warm, cosy places. Particularly when they can relax, unwind, and don't have to stay alert. Consider a blanket if you want to give your pup a special place to curl up.

We have two different types on offer - a faux fur or fleece blanket. Both options are remarkably durable and appear in two colourways for variety. 

What’s also great about these blankets is that they roll up easily and are fantastic for taking on adventures.


Muzzles may look daunting, but they’re great dog-walking accessories for soothing and reassuring anxious hounds. Plus, they ensure your pup doesn’t accidentally get into trouble.

Our muzzles are super soft and gentle, ensuring no excess pressure on your canine’s mouth or nose area. As a result, your pup will still be able to sniff, breathe, pant and drink without restriction. 

All dog accessories mentioned above are completely machine washable so you can make the most of these fantastic products. 

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Faux Fur

Blissfully soft and snuggly - Dogs love to feel comfortable warm and safe. • Super-soft cosy dog blanket • Tough – made from polyester • Size: 1m x 1.5m • Two colours • Washable • Lifetime guarantee

From £29.99


Super-soft yet hardwearing for a dog to feel relaxed & settled in your home  • Super-soft fleece dog blanket • Size: 100cm x 150cm • Two colours • Contrast edge pipping • Washable • Lifetime guarantee

From £15.00

Pick n Clip

Pick It. Knot It. Clip It. The simple solution to hands-free poop bags carrying! Practical Convenient Hands Free Clip to Doodlebone Lead Upgrade your walks Make Poop picking stylish

From £4.00

About our sizes

We have adapted each product around the comfort of your doggies. Doodlebone have measured over 300 dogs, yes that right 300 dogs to make sure each of our products are available in sizes to fit all. From our in-depth measuring project, we have created a brand new numerical size chart available in sizes 1-11. I know it sounds different, but this is where Doodlebone Anatomy can help.