About Us

Where it all began

Doodlebone® really began when we got our first family dog, Aimee, around 2011.

We wanted her to look good in well designed, modern accessories, without having to take out a small bank loan! But we found it really diffcult to get hold of exactly the right thing. The world of dog accessories seemed a bit stuck in the 70s.

So we set out to bring something new and fun to the doggie world. Our first product was the Doodlebone® Airmesh Harness, designed in a range of brighter, bolder colours than were around at the time. It quickly became a favourite of dog owners, pet shop owners, and dogs!

A Bold step

Encouraged by such kind and positive feedback, we felt we might be on to something. So we put all our efforts into developing some compatible products.

Along came our Bold range of collars, leads and harnesses. At first in a small range of bright colours, which has since expanded to ten compatible (and tasteful!) colours.

Today we have a range of over 20 different groovy Doodlebone® products, with more designs in the pipeline.

We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thanks for being a Doodlebone® customer. We welcome your valuable feedback on our products so feel free to leave a review. It helps us develop new and improved products for you to enjoy!

We also love to see your wonderful Instagram photos of your dogs wearing our products, so keep ‘em coming! www.instagram.com/ doodlebone As we say, dig your dog, dig Doodlebone®We couldn’t have done it without you! www.instagram.com/doodlebone

As we say, dig your dog, dig Doodlebone®!