Dog Jackets – A Wonderful Way to Wrap Up Warm

There's something really nice about wrapping up warm and heading out for a brisk winter walk, or even a cooler summer evening adventure. The Doodlebone® dog jacket make sure your pet looks and feels as cosy as you do, all wrapped in their favourite jacket.

There are four different style of jacket to choose from, depending on your need, from the reversible Tweedy to our handy Mac-in-a-Pack, great for a sudden downpour.

What’s more, they all come with a handy hole so you can use with a harness to keep your dog safe.


Fleecy Jacket

Soft lightweight doggie comfort

Tweedy Jacket (Reversible)

Cosy modern country style

Combi-Puffer Jacket (Reversible)

Super warm, reversible padded jacket

Mac-in-a-Pack Jacket

Our handy fold up mac