Toughie Dog Harness

Tough on the outside, padded on the inside... our good-looking, adjustable Doodlebone Toughie dog harness features a good, strong, wipeable fabric on the outside and our popular breathable, soft airmesh fabric on the inside. Lots of dogs prefer a harness as they provide an extremely comfortable experience, really good for helping to stop pulling on the lead, something that can eventually lead to neck injuries. And there's an equally tough reflective edging for extra visibility after dark.

The tough wipeable fabric comes in a suite of deliciously bright, fun colours, all of which can either be mixed or matched with our gorgeous Bold dog leads. Our tough dog harness is fully machine washable and comes in stock five sizes to fit any dog. We're even happy to provide a lifetime guarantee.

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Key Features


  • Tough wipeable fabric

  • Reflective edging

  • Stops dogs pulling when on walks

  • Prevents pressure on the dog’s neck

  • Fully machine washable

  • Five sizes to fit any dog: XS, S, M, L, XL

  • Lifetime guarantee

More Info

More Info

How to decide the right size for your dog? First measure their chest, using a flexible tape measure. Start at the bottom of their rib cage, loop the tape up and over the back, and end up back to where you began. Next measure the thickest part of your dog’s neck, the bit right at the top nearest their shoulders rather than the area of the neck where a collar would usually go. Now you know what size to buy. But what about the colour? It's good to know dogs aren't colour blind after all! It's a myth. The latest research says our canine friends see colours like us, just less brightly, a bit like the colours we see at dusk. And that means your dog might even get some enjoyment of their own out of their brand new, vividly colourful harness!