A Wonderful Way to Wrap Up Warm

From the mountains to the coast, the chilly days to the unexpected drenchings, having the right dog coats and jackets can make life for your furry friend undeniably better! Our selection of dog outerwear has everything your loyal companion needs whatever the weather and however you choose to spend your time with man’s best friend.

Much like humans, dogs can suffer from the cold and wet so finding a dog jacket that not only protects them from the elements but is also built with comfort and style in mind is essential for any dog and their owner.


Combi-Puffer Dog Jacket (Reversible)

Super warm, reversible padded jacket

Fleecy Dog Coat

Soft lightweight doggie comfort

Mac-in-a-Pack Jacket

Our handy fold up mac

Tweedy Dog Jacket (Reversible)

Cosy modern country style